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The Coyne Group are an asset backed management firm, specialising in both high growth and high performing investment opportunities across student, residential, retirement & commercial projects

The 2008 recession saw the birth of Coyne in its current guise & its unique risk reduced model. After the financial crash, Mike sought to surround himself with a top team of construction, planning, investment and financial professionals who could bring his unique investment model to the market. This model is inherently secure, safeguarding investors’ money and interests through an Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure with governance overseen by an independent accountant. 

By becoming an Armchair Property Developer with us, the premise is the same of any property developer: purchase land, add value via intelligent planning, and provide a smooth exit to the scheme. We add value throughout the entire process, managing each aspect of the project from the initial planning phases, through to end unit sales to ensure a positive outcome.

Investing with us is an entirely hands-off process, we manage all aspects of the development on your behalf; from the initial land purchase, through all phases of construction to the sale of the development, whilst providing regular detailed updates. Our history demonstrates consistent high returns upon investment. This is achieved by three factors; removing the middle man, ensuring a competitive loan to value and our experience in profitable development projects.

Securing your investment

Coyne are here to efficitialtly manage your assets which you choose to deploy into our property development projects. Coyne do not receive any investment equity, nor have control of those funds, at any point in the investment life cycle. Once deployed the investment funds are ring fenced, then transferred directly into the project company bank account. A shareholder (equity investor) is appointed as director in the SPV who is the main point of contact to the SPV’s independent accountant who handles all invoicing for the investment away from Coyne. All significant decisions relating to the SPV being made via the director and shareholders.

The SPV engages the Coyne through a comprehensive management agreement to deliver planning, construction and sales according to the nature of the project. On completion of the project, the profit is distributed 65% to investors and 35% to Coyne, thus we are inextricably linked; Coyne are not only legally bound to deliver the project but intrinsically through the profit share, are motivated to ensure a profitable outcome for the project. It should be noted that with this type of investment, capital is at risk and investment returns are not guaranteed.

We offer investors two routes of investment in our projects. If the development is hosted with one of our regulated partners you will take a direct shareholding in the SPV that owns the asset. However if the SPV is not hosted within a regulated environment, we can offer a loan note investment as well as a shareholding as an additional route. Please note, Coyne is not authorised to and never gives tax advice, it is your responsibility to seek appropriate independent financial advice.

On any project, the first charge will always be to the senior lender i.e. the bank/boutique fund/family office who is supplying the primary debt and then the second charge the investors. Investment equity are secured against the underlying asset which is owned by the SPV. We target a maximum LTV of 60%, to adopt a conservative approach to leverage. 



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