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Our History

The Coyne Group are an asset backed management firm, specialising in both high growth and high performing investment opportunities across student, residential, retirement & commercial projects

The 2008 recession saw the birth of Coyne Group in its current guise & its unique risk reduced model. After the financial crash, Mike sought to surround himself with a top team of construction, planning, investment and financial professionals who could bring his unique investment model to the market. This model is inherently secure, safeguarding investors’ money and interests through an Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structure with governance overseen by an independent accountant.  

Through Coyne Group’s experienced planning professionals and Mike’s investment  model, Coyne Group are able to offer consistently high returns.

By becoming an Armchair Property Developer with us, the premise is the same of any property developer: purchase land, add value via clever planning, and provide a profitable exit to the scheme. We add value throughout the entire process, managing each aspect of the project to ensure a positive outcome. Investing with us is an entirely hands-off process, we manage all aspects of the development on your behalf; from the initial land purchase, through all phases of construction to the sale of the development, whilst providing regular detailed updates. Our history demonstrates consistent high returns upon investment. This is achieved by three factors; removing the middle man, ensuring a competitive loan to value and our experience in profitable development projects. Upon the development exit, the heightened profit is split 65% to the investor and 35% to us.

You can rest assured that your money is secure. No investor equity or debt is ever passed to us directly and each project has its own SPV where your investment sum is kept. Each SPV is managed by an independent accountant and we have no access to the funds in each SPV. There are two ways to invest with us. You can either invest by acting as a loan provider to the SPV, or you can become a shareholder within the SPV itself. These methods both have the option of a second charge over the asset, and carry the same security throughout the project duration.

We're constantly evolving our products and our model to better suit investors. Here is a quick run down of our history to date:

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