Student Development - St.Thomas Beckett Chambers - Kent

Project Overview

  • UK asset backed investment opportunity
  • Projected ROI 31.8% over 16 months
  • Project specific SPV
  • Student apartment building - 45 studio apartments
  • Central location
  • Equity required: 1,320,500
  • Senior debt raised: 2,941,800
  • GDV: 5,025,800
  • 59% LTV

Canterbury is a historic English cathedral city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which lies at the heart of the City of Canterbury, Kent. This beautiful city lies on the River Stour and is a popular tourist destination: consistently one of the most-visited cities in the United Kingdom. The city has an estimated 40,000 students who attend at least one of the three universities located in the city. In the 2001 census, 22% of the population aged 16-74 were full-time students. The city is located in the South East of England and is one of regions the UK’s top student destinations. Nearly a third of the cities population are students, however it attracts a large amount of tourism due the city’s history. Students either attend the University of KentCanterbury Christ Church University, the University for the Creative Arts, and the Girne American University Canterbury campus. Students of the University of Kent are known as students of the European University, which has recently earned an ‘outstanding teaching’ Gold Award. Further, Canterbury Christ Church University of Kent are bidding to become a large medical school by 2020attracting thousands more students to the area.

The aesthetics of this project fit in seamlessly with the local buildings & surroundings, in-keeping perfectly with Canterbury Councils planning guidelines. With regard to the design and appearance of the building, our architect has now drawn-up his sketch that was previously submitted to the Council and the development is now of a traditional appearance, restoring the terrace along Cossington Road. Some minor design tweaks may be required during the course of the application, although the architects do not think that they would be significant. The architect has also changed the roof profile, reducing the presence of the flat roof at the rear to address the comments of the Conservation Officer. I have the revised drawings from the architect and the revised GIA / GEA and Design and Access Statement ready for submission. With regard to car parking, the changes to the layout allow for the provision of temporary spaces to the rear of the building, to facilitate pick up and drop off. These have been provided as the Conservation Officer suggested, through the provision of an under croft and located to the rear of the site. We previously submitted a Transport Statement in support of the planning application and this document is to be updated to support the planning application.

The third change relates to surface water drainage. The pre-application response did not list a surface water drainage strategy as a document to be submitted with the planning application. Finally, the car free nature is referred to throughout the planning application documentation, however we did not submit a legal agreement to secure this, and therefore the Council specify this as a reason for refusal. We can submit this information during the course of the resubmitted planning application. The revised planning application will be submitted on the 8th December 2017. The GI Report, Ecology Survey and Archaeology DBA do not need to be updated. We will be updating our Planning Statement and Heritage Statement to accompany the planning application.


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