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The Coyne Group are an asset backed management firm, specialising in both high growth and high performing investment opportunities across student, residential, retirement & commercial projects.

SPV Secured Investments

Our investment model is SPV secured, we never receive your equity.

Unequalled ROI in the property market

Our investment structure has historically returned a minimum of 20%

Invest from £25,000 in selected projects

Invest from £25,000 in our UK property schemes.


The 2008 recession saw the birth of Coyne Group in its current guise & its unique risk reduced model. After the financial crash, Mike Coyne sought to surround himself with a top team of construction, planning, investment and financial professionals who could bring his unique investment model to the market. This model is inherently secure, safeguarding investors’ money and interests through a SPV structure with governance overseen by an independent accountant. 

We offer investors two routes, one is a direct share holding in the SPV that owns the asset, the other as a loan to the SPV. We offer varying routes to investment as each investor has an unique set of circumstances around their tax and domicile status (please note, Coyne Group is not authorised to and never gives tax advice, we always advise investors to seek appropriate independent financial advice). On any project, the first charge will always be to the senior lender i.e. the bank/boutique fund/family office who is supplying the primary debt and then the second charge the investors.

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